Solving the marketing puzzle

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and decide to write my blog.

I’m a marketing consultant and I’m doing my own marketing. There is an irony there that just gets me every time! I’ve come out of the corporate world, working in marketing for professional services and am trying to figure out the puzzle of running my own business.

I was thinking hey, I can do my own marketing. It will be just like what I’m doing but on smaller scale. It isn’t that easy. The real world is difficult and when it’s your own business it’s a whole other ball game. You care so much more. I’ve worked with large budgets in the corporate world and when things fail, you take a look at why, reassess and change tack. For my own business I’ve had a budget of £25 for a twitter campaign and on more than one occasion it hasn’t worked. When it’s your business every penny counts and you REALLY care.

So this blog is all about trying to solve the problem of doing your own marketing and what is and isn’t working. The blogs that I read paint this perfect picture of what marketing should be – but it’s not always how it works in the real world. I’m going to share with you the things that have happened to me, what’s worked well and where I’ve failed. I’d love for you to share your own experiences and be honest. It’ll be cathartic!

I’ll also be posting the odd blog on professional services and my experience there too. I have to – it’s a wonderful world but one that just can’t seem to keep pace with the ever-evolving marketing world and can sometimes be hugely frustrating!


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