Rudeness doesn’t get you anywhere

I know that sometimes people get a little bit annoyed or are stressed. Especially first thing on a Monday morning but today – I got an extremely rude email, from a colleague, who until today I respected.

Essentially he was blaming me for not mentioning a campaign to him that affected his sector. But the thing is I had mentioned it to him on a number of occasions. And he blamed me for looking embarrassed in front of a partner.

Unfortunately, it led him to have a bit of an ‘egg on his face’ email from me – where I pointed out and attached the email that was originally sent. He apologised and I pushed the point that I won’t be spoken to like that over email. It’s not acceptable.

So three things I took away from today. Treat people how you want to be treated and treat them with respect. Before your point fingers get your facts straight and rudeness doesn’t get your anywhere it makes you look foolish.


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