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How my first Facebook ad was accused of being fake news…typical

When I first started out my email list was at the not so healthy number of 30 people. I decided I wanted to grow my list and do something about it.

I decided to offer a marketing planning template for everyone that signed up to my email account as an incentive and set up a Facebook ad to help bring people into my list.

So it ran for a little while. Was doing moderately ok, until I got a comment from some random that gave me an ‘angry face’ emoji and also decided to post the word ‘fake’ as a comment. Thanks..

When you get negative press on Facebook or any social media you tend to panic. What have I done wrong, why did they think that, WHY did they post that for everyone to see. And I think it’s all in how you deal with the situation going forward.

I decided I wasn’t going to let this just go unnoticed and challenged that person as to what they meant. They came back with a relatively poor excuse and then I went in with a neutral¬†comment saying that; yes fake news happens but there are also some accounts that are genuine and use facebook advertising as a genuine channel. I didn’t hear back. Stoney silence ensued from them. But I did get some great comments from people saying that I handled that well and that good for me for saying something.

You don’t have to get into a battle of words but I think it is OK to stick up for yourself on social and challenge people that give you grief. Don’t panic, react calmly and logically and who knows people might applaud you for it!





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