Diversity, Professional Services Marketing

The lack of diversity in professional services firms

I’ve been speaking with recruitment agencies this week to see whether a contract role would be a good move as I transition over to full-time marketing consultant. It seems like a good intermediary solution as I get to grips with a new style of working and doesn’t feel like to crazier a leap.

Whilst chatting we were talking about the more junior roles in professional services firms and how they always ask for professional services experience. Personally, I think this leads to a dangerous move. If you only employ people from a professional services background then there will never be any real diversity in your firm.

Professional service firms are often a little bit behind and I think this is because they are hiring the same type of people, with the same views and experience. What does having a background in this area really mean? That you can deal with partners? But partners in a professional service firm are the same as C-suite in a corporate. As long as your can clearly and professionally articulate yourself what does this really matter?

It’s a shame as there are people out there, leading the way, challenging the way we do things at a more junior level but they are getting overlooked in favour of those that have experience in the industry. But people can learn.

I would say that having professional service experience shouldn’t be a necessity, don’t limit yourself to a small pool of people. Open up the gates and see you how far you can take your firm when you start looking beyond what you know. You could be opening up all sorts of opportunities to grow your marketing team and business by introducing new views and ways of thinking into your firm.

Well that’s what I think anyway!



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