Professional Services Marketing

The intricate web of professional services marketing

The other day I was talking to a colleague and we started chatting about who we know, where she is moving jobs too and who she has managed. Turns out that professional services marketing – especially in London is a very small group of people and everyone knows everyone.

I found it fascinating, my colleague is going to manage someone that I managed at least 3 years ago and bizarrely a new person in the team is also connected to the same person we have both managed or will be managing.

It got me thinking. With professional services being such a small world we really do have to be careful about what we do, say and how we act. People talk. Apparently my partner on some O2 training a couple of years ago was told that if you do something well then a person will talk to at least 6 people about it. If you do it badly they will mention it to at least 20 people. So really we need to be professional at all times because who knows when something might come back to bite us, it’s such an intricate web!

On the plus side I was thinking about Seth Godin’s book the Purple Cow the other day and his term ‘sneezers’ about new products and services. I think this can apply to people too. If you have people that think you are amazing they’ll tell people, they could make you go viral. Being you at your very best at work pays off! But maybe that goes without saying!


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