We go together… [Marketing and BD that is!]

In my head I am singing the grease tune but whether or not that actually comes across I have no idea!…

I have been thinking recently about how marketing and business development go hand in hand. That might sound like an obvious statement, but sometimes in reality it just doesn’t work that way, and in professional services marketing I often think they are at odds with each other!

Being in a comms team in a top 50 law firm some years ago, I used to pull my hair out when BD would go off and use an off-brand image or didn’t put a proper campaign process in place.

However I am now on the flip side of that coin, working in BD constantly pulling my hair out at Marcomms interfering in with my BD work and asking me to write ‘e.g. as eg’ there are more serious conversations to be having!

They need to work in harmony together and I’ve been a unique situation where I have had experience on both sides.

It’s really important that Marcomms consult BD on activities and decisions they are planning. The BD teams have a much better idea of how this will affect the business and any potential implications it may have.

Similarly BD need to understand that Marketing have a lot to offer in terms of advice on going to market, how to plan effectively and how to guard the brand as well as lots of stats they can share with you to help shape campaigns!


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