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Presentation skills workshops can boost your confidence!

I recently decided that I would like some 121 presentation skills and public speaking training. I’ve always been ok at speaking in front of people but now, if I want to start thinking about training marketing managers and execs on how to run an integrated marketing campaign…and pay… I need to up my game.

It started with a shout out on Twitter some time ago and a little bit of haggling ( 121 public speaking courses are expensive) I landed on Clare from Brain Smart and had a great conversation with her about what I wanted to achieve.

My sessions were great and pointed out some tweaks that I could potentially make – apparently I am very engaging but can easily ruin relationships with people when I start getting bossy. It’s just a habit of being in professional services and having to be quite forthright but Clare noted how many times I said ‘Need To’ it was too many times!

I also overused my hands like crazy and when forced to watch back I was soooo distracting! I’m reining that in!

Two things that I have learned from my training is slow it right down and don’t speak so quickly but also how to recognise interesting sound bites for people to take away. Apparently people will only ever remember 20% of what you say – so you need to make that 20% count.

This is all part of my long term plan to hopefully be engaged with speaking arrangements and do my own training – I can’t wait to get started.

The difference between fear and excitement – choice.

Till next time!


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