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Why getting another job isn’t an option

When I first handed in my notice I wasn’t completely sure whether I wanted to get another job or run my business full time. I pondered on this for some time and started lining interviews up.

In my first interview I remember sitting there talking to a director of a well know city law firm about myself and my work experience. And I found it so hard to make a connection. I read in Marianne Cantwell’s book Free Range Humans that you should always be yourself and not work with or for someone that doesn’t except you for you. When I was interviewing I felt I had to reign myself in and behave differently. I decided that’s not how I wanted to play it going forward, I didn’t want to pretend to be someone I’m not.

Having this realisation really helped focus want I wanted to do. I decided as soon as I stepped foot out of the interview that I would give my business a go and fire on all cylinders to make it work. Right now I feel that I would do myself a disservice if I didn’t at least give this a shot. So I have a plan. I will now be using the remaining months of my notice period to start stoking the fire of my business and hopefully help me land in a good position once I’ve left my job.

So what happens if it doesn’t work? Well I have a plan B. I have month in mind where I will review how everything is going. If the business isn’t going well then I will be looking out for contract or freelance roles to help support me and my business. I am pretty sure that I want to avoid permanent roles. There is something about being stuck in the same role, doing the same thing year in and year out that I can’t deal with!


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