Social Media

My most successful tweet was about nothing in a particular

I’ve been using and building up my twitter following for some time now. And sometimes get no engagement and sometimes I get a couple of likes or retweets. It’s rare for me that a tweet actually takes off!

So I was watching university challenge a couple of weeks ago and for the small minority of people that are reading my post, that watches university challenge and know the name ‘Monkman’ you know what I’m talking about. Monkman is a Canadian contestant on the show, is a little bit shouty and has a range of amazing facial expressions. Twitter goes mad when he is on.

So I tweeted ‘Monkman is back on #universitychallenge’ and had a gif of Brian Blessed getting excited:

Brian Blessed

I got 26 likes for my tweet. For me, I have never had anything like this. This was amazing. So what did tweeting about nothing in particular really teach me? To not take yourself too seriously people enjoy having a chuckle on twitter. This was a silly tweet and not one of my usual marketing posts but I believe people engage with light-hearted content and adding the gif just helped.

Having some personality on Twitter and occasionally breaking from the usual tact is ok and helps spread your message too!


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