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Oh ahh Push it (Salt and Pepper’s here)

It doesn’t matter what you do, you have to keep pushing. Sometimes this freelance lark is disheartening you do everything you possibly can to keep the business development pipeline in flow but sometimes I think is this working?!

I’ve decided that my mentality has to be just keep on pushing through, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t give up. Do whatever you have to do to get yourself out there even if it feels like nothing is working. Because, you never know.. it just might.

I think to own your own business, means you have to be determined. You have broken out of the mould; you no longer want to be in employed by someone else. There is no other way to go than pushing the positive mentality and to keep going no matter what the cost.

This is the choice I have made and I’d be b*ggered if I am going to waste it, give up on it or not try my very hardest to make it a success.  There isn’t any option – push through the self-doubt, push through the feelings of ‘I can’t do this’ ‘ it won’t work’ because all you can do it try!


1 thought on “Oh ahh Push it (Salt and Pepper’s here)”

  1. The headline pulled me in and the post really resonated! I love the honesty of this Helen – it’s liberating and uplifting at the same time.
    Kind regards
    Anita Dow


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