When everything and nothing can happen

I’ve been away on holiday this week, having some time out from work and stressing about new business.

Things have picked up, I’ve had some inquiries through my website, people contacting me on Twitter and some referrals coming through from the networking that I have been doing recently.

It’s been great, I’ve been writing proposals, having phone calls, getting pricing over to clients and have been busy, busy, busy. I’ve been thinking this is amazing, all this work that is going to come through.

And then I had a realisation.

Just because I have quoted doesn’t mean that I am going to win the work at all! I’ve been spending time pitching etc but this isn’t billable. Yes, the illusion is there that things are happening. Are they really?

I just think it was a dose of practicality that came in this week. Just because this is happening doesn’t mean that I am going to win the work. I have to mindful of my time and when/ who I decide to pitch for. I don’t want to get too cocky and think – I’m ok, things are going well. Until they sign a contract with me, then I can’t assume they will choose me.

Sometimes it feels like such a slog from having an inquiry to actually win the work. Patience is as ever a virtue and also not making assumptions that I will land the work should hopefully ensure I have a sensible head on my shoulders.


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