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Getting in the zone – sorting your workspace out

Hi All – I haven’t been on here for a while. I’ve been busy leaving work, networking and generally spending the summer getting things in order.

Since I left work I haven’t been missing the office. I’ve loved walking around London looking at all the office goers and thinking thank god I don’t belong to this group of people that don’t get to see the sky or what the weather is like! One thing that I have missed though is a functional area to do my work.

I have been a typical freelancer working at the kitchen table or in the lounge. But goodness have I been getting a back ache and also it’s completely ruining the two best rooms in the house for me. I mean I have my work sitting right next to my settee and the urge to just pick it up and just start working in the evening is so easy. But I’ve realised I need mental space from work and physical space too.

So I now have my very own home office and what a blessing. I now have a printer that I can just print from instead of having to attach to my laptop. I have a lovely wide screen, folders, pencils and everything is within reach. I feel like I have a space to call my own and when I shut the door in the evening I can just forget about work. It has made my life so much easier!

I would recommend having a set up like this, just a space to call your own and if you are working in your lounge don’t do it – it’s not good for you. It’s so important to breath 🙂

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