Thanks for reading my blog. I’m a marketing consultant currently working full time and running my business (yes it’s as stressful as it sounds!). I’m a marketing consultant doing my own marketing, the irony!

My blog is really about sharing what types of marketing has and hasn’t worked for me as I attempt to go it alone in my own business. Coming out of the corporate bubble into the real world is tough and really changes how you see the world of marketing through your own business.

One of my specialist areas is professional services marketing and there have been some major bumps along this route that I’ve been taking. I’ll be blogging about my time in this industry too, what they’re doing right and where they are going wrong.

I don’t know about you but I get continually¬†frustrated reading blog posts saying that if you do x,y,z you’ll see marketing miracle occur. Life and marketing don’t work like that and sometimes it’s the smallest random activity that can lead to your biggest wins.

I want to encourage you to share your experiences and your biggest wins and fails. Life isn’t perfect and we all need to learn from each other – rather than just a blog post that is based on best practice.